NFS Files and Daemons

NFS Files

File Contents
/etc/default/fs The default file system type for local file systems (usually UFS).
/etc/default/nfs Configuration information for the nfsd and lockd daemons.
/etc/default/nfslogd Configuration information for nfslogd, the NFS logging daemon.
/etc/dfs/dfstab A list of local resources to be shared.
/etc/dfs/fstypes Default file system types for remote file systems (usually NFS).
/etc/dfs/sharetab Local and remote resources that are currently shared. Do not edit this file.
/etc/mnttab A list of file systems that are currently mounted. Do not edit this file.
/etc/netconfig Transport protocols. Do not edit this file.
/etc/nfs/nfslog.conf General configuration information about NFS logging.
/etc/nfs/nfslogtab Information for NFS log processing by nfslogd. Do not edit this file.
/etc/nfssec.conf NFS security services. Do not edit this file.
/etc/rmtab A table of file systems remotely mounted by NFS clients. Do not edit this file.
/etc/vfstab File systems that are to be mounted locally.

NFS Daemons

Daemon Function
automountd Handles the mounting and unmounting of file systems based on requests from the AutoFS service. AutoFS will be discussed in the "Using AutoFS" section later in this chapter.
lockd Manages record locking for NFS files.
mountd Handles file system mount requests from remote computers. When a remote user attempts to mount a resource, mountd checks the /etc/dfs/sharetab file to determine which file systems can be mounted and by whom.
nfsd After a remote file system is mounted, nfsd handles file system requests, such as file access permissions and opening and copying files. Older versions of Solaris required one instance of nfsd per remote file request. In Solaris 9, only one instance of nfsd is required to run.
nfslogd Manages NFS logging.
statd Interacts with the lockd daemon to provide crash and recovery functions for file locking services. If an NFS server crashes, upon reboot, statd will allow the client computers to reclaim locks they had on NFS-shared resources.
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