Exporting User List to a Text File(CiscoSecure ACS)

Exporting User List to a Text File

You can use the -u option to export a list of all users in the CiscoSecure user database to a text file named users.txt.
The users.txt file organizes users by group. Within each group, users are listed in the order that their user accounts were created in the CiscoSecure user database.
For example, if accounts were created for Pat, Daa, and Lloyd, in that order, users.txt lists them in that order as well, rather than alphabetically.

step 1 On the computer running Cisco Secure ACS, open an MS DOS command prompt and change directories to the directory containing CSUtil.exe. For more information about the location of CSUtil.exe, see Location of CSUtil.exe and Related Files, page D-2.
step 2 If the CSAuth service is running, type:
net stop csauth
and press Enter.
Result: The CSAuth service stops.
step 3 Type:
CSUtil.exe -u
and press Enter.
Result:CSUtil.exe exports information for all users in the CiscoSecure user database to a file named users.txt.
step 4 To resume user authentication, type:
net start csauth
and press Enter.

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